Create your characters with Face2U, a cartoon avatar creator

Create your characters with Face2U, a cartoon avatar creator - my cartoon avatar

Do you wanna create funny cartoon characters?

With Face2U Avatar Creator you can create all cartoon characters you can imagine. You have lots of elements to create your own avatar or your friend's avatars. You can download free app from Google Play and start now creating cartoon characters and other funny images.

Use colorful backgrounds to create the images

Face2U has lots of colorful images you can use as background, as the one you can see on the top image, a colorful sea ground. There are much more kinds of backgrounds you can use as geometric shapes (with different colors to choose), you can choose between more than 20 different thematics (nature, music, love, halloween, christmas, animals, countries flags, ...)

Add accessories to your characters outfit

You can add other accesories to your characters as a dive mask, like the one in the top image, and others items as special costumes and masks to create funny cartoons. Also you have other items such as headphones, hats, scarfs and more than 20 differents types of sunglasess.

Put on make up and add facial marks

You can add facial features as face marks, moles and wounds and scars. Also you can put on makeup to the characters, eyeshadow, blush, ... choosing your favorite one from the color palette. The app also let you use fantasy makeup, using predefined images as the lightning flash, emulating David Bowie's make up, well-known horror films characters makeup as zombies, creepy clowns and much more.

Download free app from Google Play:

Do you like Face2U Avatar Creator?

Design and create all the images and characters you can imagine and send them to your friends or share them on your social networks. You can write text messages and put them on the image as a comic bubble or as footer of the image.

Face2u is a free android app available at Google Play.

Other special costumes & fantasy makeups

I love Kiss! Create your musical idols with Face2U Face2U Avatar Creator, Do you like my clown costume? Create best cartoon characters with Face2U, free android app
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