Create your hipster avatar with Face2U, free android app

Create your hipster avatar with Face2U, free android app - my cartoon avatar

Do you want create a hipster character?

With Face2U Avatar Creator you can create your own hipster avatar. You can choose between lots of items to define the characters as trendy haircuts, lots of beards and moustaches and a colorful selection of vintage clothes.

You can use other accesories such as sunglasses and scarfs and other images as tatoos, piercings and make up to define the character.

Create your hipster style characters with Face2U, free android app on Google Play Apps.

What hipster means?

The meaning of hipster? A subculture of mid-class young people, most of them in their 20's and 30's and living in gentrified areas of big cities. They value independent, arty cultural movements in music, cinema, fashion,...and reject most of the mainstream cultural offer. They often be seen wearing clothes from the past (vintage) mixed with actual elements, vintage hair styles, beards and sun-glasses.

How to be a hipster boy?

Do you wanna be a hipster boy? It's easy... Must be interested on alternative culture movements in general. Never shop at mainstream stores, do it at vintage and second-hand shops. Choose a modern haircut, volume on the top, while the back and sides are not shaved very closely and of course... let your beard grow!

Other bearded hipsters

Create your avatar and choose one of the hair style and colors Face2U Avatar Creator, free app, create your own avatar and share it! Face2U Avatar Creator app on GooglePlay
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