Face2U send your funny characters with the best avatar creator app

Face2U send your funny characters with the best avatar creator app - my cartoon avatar

Create, send and share funny characters

With Face2U Avatar Creator you can design and create all funny characters you can imagine. It's easy, you have just to enjoy playing with the app.

Create avatars, cartoons, and other characters, you can use them as funny profile images or you can just share them or send them to your friends using your mobile apps & social networks.

Why Face2U is your best avatar creator app?

  • Face2U is a free app, you can download it now from Google Play
  • You can create easily all avatars and funny characters you want
  • You can select between more than 10 skin and hair colors
  • You can choose between lots of male / female hair styles
  • You can select between lots of features, colors, clothes and accesories.
  • Use colorful backgrounds to create the vibrant funny images
  • Add all kind of accessories to your characters: headphones, hats, scarfs, sunglasses, masks, special costumes, ...
  • Put on make up and add facial marks
  • With Face2U you can put a mood to the characters by selecting one of the predefined emotions and gestures of the app: happy, funny, sad, ungry, in love, tired, bored, naugthy, ...

Download free app (best avatar creator) from Google Play:

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If you like Face2U Avatar Creator, share the images you have created with your friends. You can send funny messages as a text footer of the image or into a bubble comic.

Face2u is a free android app available at Google Play, your best avatar creator app.

Here you have other Face2U colorful characters.
3 images, 3 colors: purple, red & blue

Do you like them?

Face2U, free app, design and create funny toons Face2U, download free app from Google Play! Design your cartoon avatars with Face2U Avatar Creator
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